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Description:Humagalas is an American restaurant located in Bel Air MD. We have a comprehensive menu featuring many different types of delicacies. You can order our signature burgers and signature pizzas in our restaurant or takeaway. We also sell classic pizzas with various toppings. Humagalas also offers several side dishes including our hand-cut boardwalk-style fries. We sell many different types of starters and you can also order any of our milkshakes, which include vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Humagalas offers various specials during our happy/social hour, which lasts from 4-7 pm from Monday to Friday. We also provide lunchtime specials from 11 am - 3 pm from Wednesday to Friday. You can order many different types of drinks at Humagalas including bottled beer, beer on tap, cocktails, house wine, and various soft drinks. Business Phone: (410) 515-3222 Address: 16 Bel Air S Pkwy,Bel Air, MD 21015 Keywords: Humagalas Website:
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