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Netpreneur Club

Netpreneur Club is a membership site offering online training for aspiring entrepreneurs. We have special online training courses teaching How to Become an Expert in Your Field, How to Create Facebook Group and how to master pay-per-click advertising in Google Ads Course.

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Building Profitable Businesses

If you have a business idea and want to make a full time living from it but you're not sure if it's possible. Or maybe you're unsure if you're doing things in the right way. Or maybe you don't know how to go about it. You've been trying to make sense of your business idea for a while but it just never clicked into place. You’re new to business development and still looking at your options and you just want something reliable, and can work consistently, then this short online course is for you. Maybe you’re not sure of how and where to start? You are not sure if your business idea will work. Or maybe you're unsure if you'll do things the right way...Or maybe you don't know how to go about it ...then we can help. This short online course is a fool-proof, step by step learning process that will take you by the hand and show you how to create a potentially profitable business idea, conceptualize it and get it ready for launch.

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How to Build Sustainably Profitable Customer Centric Businesses

If you have a verified business idea but are not sure of where and how to proceed, then we can help. This online course is fool-proof and takes you step by step process of building sustainably profitable customer centric businesses through ensuring problem-solution fit, desirability, feasibility and viability of your business project resulting in sustainable business revenue. You can do it too, just imagine the ability to build effective Value Propositions that ensure problem-solution fit and happy customer base; and being able to construct effective Business Models that ensure effective and efficient systems to determine the feasibility, viability and profitability of your business projects before commencing with operations. All these are a recipe for a sustainable profitable business. Business planning is a critical step in ensuring business success and Value Positioning and Business Modelling are the two components of the business planning process. ONLY $144.99

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