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This type of paint, often used to perfectly reproduce reality, what is called hyperrealism, is intended for many supports: airbrush paints, in fact, can be applied both on play figures (sufobi), on vehicles and accessories ( cars, motorcycles, trucks, helmets ...), on canvas, on models, scale models and modeling objects (in particular radio-controlled), on all plastic supports in wood and aluminum, or in the context of body painting (Bodypainting). Si ricorda che l'area di lavoro deve essere sufficientemente ventilata e che il verniciatore deve indossare i dispositivi di protezione (tuta, occhiali, guanti e mascherina a cartuccia). Finally, Stardustcolors markets paint booths, protective accessories but also airbrushes, by gravity or suction, for all levels of airbrushing (beginner, experienced, expert), for all budgets and for all applications. The shop offers three brands of airbrushes: Badger, AB and Iwata.

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