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Gorilla Walking Safaris Ltd

Gorilla trekking Safaris Uganda: There’s absolutely no mistaking the bond between man and a Mountain Gorilla, the great apes when you go gorilla trekking in Bwindi or the Virungas. The Gorillas are the world great apes and only half of these remaining gentle giants are found only in Uganda. It is estimated that about and only 1070 of these mountain Gorillas are left in the world. A mountain gorilla having a scientific name Gorilla beringei beringei is one of the two subspecies of the eastern gorilla Standing at averagely 4-6 ft tall and averagely weighing about 300-485 lbs (136 to 220 Kgs). Africa has a total of 1070 individuals occupying the montane and bamboo forest jungles of Central & East Africa’s volcanic mountain slopes ranging from an altitude of 2,200–4,300m above sea Level (7,200–14,100 ft), mountain gorillas are listed on the ICUN Red List as endangered species.

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